Auto Glass Repair in Grand Rapids MI

At Clear Image Auto Glass, we use state of the art technology and industry- leading methods to fix and minimize windshield cracks, chips, and blemishes. Our certified glass technicians can stop a small crack from growing and extending across the entire length of your windshield. Did you pick up road debris which left you with that annoying eye-sore of a chip, ultimately distracting your view? Clear Image can fix that too, with the end result being as clear as the glass prior to the damage.


Auto Glass Replacement in Grand Rapids MI

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to windshield replacement procedures. Our staff not only meet you at a preferred location free of charge, we also execute windshield swaps in a timely manner. With Clear Image Auto Glass, you are guaranteed a lifetime warranty which covers the replacement products and services. You’ll also be able to drive away within minutes of the new glass installation. If you are in the market for automotive glass replacement or want to consult with the auto glass professionals – contact Clear Image today!